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Historic Lake City Geocache Adventure

A High-Tech History Hunt into the Mining Boom Days of Lake City

Geocaching ("geo-cash-ing") is a high-tech scavenger hunt.

With a portable GPS device or GPS-enabled smart phone, find the location of each hidden cache using the coordinates listed in our brochure.

You can pick up the brochure in Lake City at these locations:
  • Lake City Town Offices at the Armory, corner of Third and Bluff Streets. 970-944-2333
  • Hinsdale County Museum, corner of Second and Silver Streets. 970-944-2050
  • Miners & Merchants bank, corner of Third and Silver Streets. 970-944-2242
  • Visitor Center, 800 Gunnison Avenue. 970-944-2527
Or, download the brochure and print it at home.

The GPS coordinates will bring you close, but you need to use your skills to find each cache.

Our caches are small, waterproof containers that hold labels for you to place in the brochure.  Each cache has a different label.  Keep your finished brochure as a souvenir of your journey through Lake City's history.

The geocache coordinates listed will take you on a tour of some of the most interesting sites in the Lake City National Historic District.

Geocache Adventure Instructions:

Please take only one label per cache so that others can enjoy the fun after you.

None of the caches are on private property. Please do not trespass.

If you think a cache is missing or if it is empty, call the Town of Lake City at 970-944-2333.

Important: replace each cache exactly where you found it.

Project Credits

The Historic Lake City Geocache Adventure is sponsored by the Town of Lake City, Colorado, and is the result of a Certified Local Government grant comprised of funding from the National Park Service, History Colorado (Colorado Historical Society), and the State Historical Fund.

 Town of Lake City, PO Box 544, Lake City, CO  81235.  970-944-2333.  
Download the Geocache Adventure brochure to your computer.   This is a PDF file, 125k in size.