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Resources for Property Owners

This section is a resource for owners of property within the Lake City National Historic District.

Property owners will find helpful information related to the construction and remodeling of buildings, financial incentives, tips for weatherizing your historic building to make it more energy efficient, and information about maintenance methods that will preserve your building (and protect your investment) into the future.

Property owners looking to build a new building or to remodel an existing one within the Historic District should see the Design Guidelines of the Lake City Historic District.

Learn about local buildings in the Architectural Survey of Lake City, including the history of every property within the district

Get your facts straight from the horse's mouth in Common Myths & Misconceptions About the Historic District.

Lake City's status as a Historic District qualifies the community and individual property owners for certain benefits.  Read more in Economic Benefits of the Lake City Historic District.

Property owners with outbuildings such as sheds, barns, or outhouses on their property will be interested in Lake City's Outbuildings Stabilization Project.
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Economic Benefits of the Lake City Historic District