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The Lake City Buying History Guide is tailored to prospective and current owners of properties within the Lake City Historic District. 

Produced by Lake City DIRT, Inc. this document explains how Lake City supports historic preservation through the use of design guidelines and how the stewardship of your historic property benefits you, your neighbors in Lake City and the history of our nation.

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The Economic Power of Heritage and Place:  How Historic Preservation is Building a Sustainable Future in Colorado

This 2012 report outlines how historic preservation spurs local and regional economies by creating jobs, by building strong communities of character, and by protecting the environment through sustainable practices.

The report includes case studies from across Colorado, and a list of further resources.

View or download this report from the Colorado Historical Foundation.
Twelve Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation
  1. Rehab costs are roughly the same as building new.
  2. Creates jobs.
  3. Increases property values.
  4. Conserves resources.
  5. Uses existing public investments.
  6. Supports small business.
  7. Revitalizes Main Street.
  8. Attracts investment.
  9. Attracts visitors.
  10. Prevents sprawl.
  11. Creates affordable housing.
  12. Is good economic development.
See the full document here, including supporting facts and their sources.
Nearly $1 Million in Locally-Awarded Grant Funds to Date.

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Economic Benefits of the Lake City Historic District

Since its entry into the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, the Lake City Historic District's status has qualified buildings, organizations, and property owners for a variety of economic benefits.

Though the benefits of preserving buildings and educating ourselves about our history are also intangible, tallying the economic results is a way to illustrate the benefits in a tangible way.

Lake City's status as a historic district has two specific economic purposes: to revitalize the community, and to promote tourism.

Additional Resources

"I typically visit 100 downtowns a year of every size, in every part of the country. But I cannot identify a single example of a sustained success story in downtown revitalization where historic preservation wasn't a key component of that strategy. Not a one." Read more:
Sustainability and Historic Preservation by Donovan Rypkema

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