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Design Guidelines
Lake City, Colorado Historic District

The Design Guidelines serve as a tool for preserving the Lake City Historic District, located within the Town of Lake City.

These guidelines inform property owners and builders about compatible and appropriate design for new construction within the District.  They provide design expectations for additions and alterations made to the District's historic buildings.  They also advise property owners on preserving their historic commercial buildings and houses.

The Design Guidelines are used by the Lake City Building Inspector, the Preservation Review Officer, and Board of Trustees as they review design plans for construction projects within the Historic District.

This document also describes the town's history and illustrates its architectural styles to help people understand, appreciate, and preserve Lake City's architectural heritage.  The Design Guidelines are enforced by the Town's 1984 Historic Preservation Ordinance.  The guidelines also reflect The Secretary of Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and Standards for Preservation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Lake City's Historic Preservation Ordinance

Lake City's Historic Influences
Lake City's Architectural Heritage
General Building Requirements

General Design Guidelines

Residential Treatment Area
Guidelines for new residential construction and preservation and alterations to historic residences. 

Business Treatment Area
Guidelines for new commercial construction and preservation and alterations to historic commercial buildings.
Complementary Treatment Area
Guidelines for construction and alterations within the complementary Treatment Area.

The Secretary of the Interior's Treatment of Historic Properties
Including Standards for Preservation, Restoration, and Reconstruction.

Preservation Resources

 Town of Lake City, PO Box 544, Lake City, CO  81235.  970-944-2333.  
Download the entire Lake City Design Guidelines to your computer.   This is a PDF file, 2MB in size.
Click on the image above to download a PDF of the Lake City Historic District Map (250 k in size).