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Lake City, Colorado Historic District

Lake City's Architectural Heritage:
Outbuildings & Alley Structures

The structures built behind the primary residences and buildings are historically significant because they reveal the lifestyles of early Lake City residents. The backyards of many properties were cluttered with coal sheds, ice houses, storage sheds, outhouses, small barns, stables, and even small residences.   Many of these remain intact in the Historic District.

The secondary structures are a contributing feature to the character of the district and should be preserved. Moving these structures is discouraged because relocation removes the building from its historic setting.

A few historic horse stables are scattered throughout town, converted for use as storage sheds. Most are located behind the historic property at the alley. These stables are typically front-gabled, of wood construction with wide doors.

Small woodframe structures with slanting "shed roofs" served a variety of functional purposes. In some cases, pioneer log cabins were moved to rear lots for use as utility sheds.

The Town first installed a water system in the 1890s. From the 1920s through the 1960s, due to the decline of the local economy and population, the town lacked financial resources to maintain a central water and sanitation system. Residents
relied upon private wells for water.  Backyard outhouses, and, later, septic tanks met sewer needs.  The present water system was installed in 1968, after a destructive fire occurred.  Only a few historic backyard outhouses still remain.

Auto garages
Garages replaced horse stables and carriage houses as the automobile became a primary means of travel.  Several historic garages are located behind properties in the Historic District. These were usually built at the alley, and sometimes resembled the design of the primary house.

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