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A Brief History of Lake City:
The Mining Era, 1874-1904

Commercial Development:  Entrepreneurs
Henry A. Avery

Henry A. Avery (1847-1923) formed Lake City's first stationery and book dealership with Mr. Rice. In addition to Rice, Avery was in partnership with J.S. Hough 1880-1886 and 1896-1901, his business interests gradually evolving from stationery and books to real estate and insurance agent.

He became a practicing attorney starting in 1893.  Avery's civic service included election as Mayor of Lake City and Hinsdale County Clerk, as well as captain of the local Colorado militia, the Pitkin Guards.  He continued business in Lake City until three weeks prior to his death in June, 1923.

Typical of many early Lake City businessmen, Avery was associated with a variety of partners, including John S. Hough, during his long career.  His connection with Mr. Rice in the firm Avery & Rice, extended through 1878.

The succession of extant buildings built by Avery include the Avery & Rice Building, Avery Store (1880-81, 300 Third Street), Watson Shoe Building (1901, 308 Silver) and Lake City Drug Building (1901, 307 Silver), and his private residence at 425 Silver, which he acquired in 1900 and expanded.

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Avery Store. 300 Third Street. Built 1880-81.  Click on image for larger pop-up version.