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A Brief History of Lake City:
The Mining Era, 1874-1904

Commercial Development:  Entrepreneurs
The Crooke Brothers

The Crooke brothers, John J. Crooke and Lewis Crooke, were based in England and New York City, the latter location where they operated a tin manufacturing company and John J. Crooke invented tin foil.

They had holdings at Summitville and in Lake City, and also owned the Ute-Ulay and other mines.  Their Lake City operations were financed in part by a stock company based in England.

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J.J. Crooke's tinfoil company in New York produced foils for various uses.  One of those uses was for wrapping tobacco. 

At the time, tobacco producers could get a discount on their taxes by manufacturing their own revenue stamps.  J.J. Crooke & Co. made custom tobacco wrappers, with the revenue stamp printed on the wrapper, for a variety of tobacco companies.  A surviving example is pictured above.  Find out more at this site.

J.J. Crooke & Company also provided the tinfoil for Thomas Edison's first phonographs, which you can read about here.

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